Welcome back! It's been a while since we last met … and, as you can see, the site has been upgraded in light of my new phase in life. 

These days, I'm no longer in Los Angeles. I've uprooted and planted myself firmly on South African soil, absorbing the pulse of the Rainbow Nation and loving being a stranger in a strange land. I've been working on another passion of mine, conservation. And while I haven't left music, I have had to put it on hold somewhat. The keyboard doesn't work so well without electrical outlets. Though the wildlife does appreciate an a cappella song now and then. 


I am still performing, writing, and recording, so keep an eye out on the horizon and an ear to the ground for when my ship next comes sailing into port. Or, in my case, when my Land Cruiser chugs back into town. 


Even though you might not get a chance to see me perform live, you can still find me on the interwebs!



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