Welcome! It's been a while since we last met … or maybe we're meeting for the first time. 

After taking an 8-year pseudo-hiatus from music (during which time I was living in the South African bush, saving wildlife, and absorbing the pulse of the Rainbow Nation), I'm back in the US and returning to my musical roots. I never really left music, though. However, I found it significantly more difficult to play gigs when my audience was little more than cheetahs and rhinos. Good for a story, yes, but not for a career. 


In that time, I never stopped playing, writing, and recording, so I am not only on form but also armed with an arsenal of new songs at the ready.  Keep an eye on the horizon - my beat-up Land Cruiser may soon be chugging into your town. 

Stick around, browse the site, and check out some tunes.


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