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Imagine if Belle had a bit more grit and growl, was a piano-playing singer/songwriter, and moved to the middle of the South African bush to work with wildlife and use her music, writing, and photography to benefit conservation and community.

Well, she's real. Meet Genevieve. 

A true Renaissance woman, Genevieve recently returned to the US and is busy building a multi-media platform she refers to as ‘edutainment.' Combining her music with her award-winning photography and newly published novel, she is using her unusual experiences from working in the wild to create a unique series that combines science and art and champions environmental and other social causes. When she isn’t performing, presenting at schools and community centers, or doing photo shoots, she is advocating for a variety of organizations and writing and producing music for licensing opportunities. Occasionally, she sleeps.  


An eclectic talent with the voice of a fallen angel, the witty intelligence and whimsy of a Monty Python skit, and a musical diversity matched in scope only by the variety of wildlife she's worked with and the breadth of her life experiences, Genevieve is one artist you won't want to miss.


For booking or additional information, contact

genevieve AT genevieve-music DOT com


 info AT lateshiftmedia DOT com


The Sum of All Things


Touching upon the highs and lows we face navigating our place in the world, with vocals that blend Brandi Carlile power with Dolly Parton bittersweet and Belle pureness, The Sum of All Things is timeless, simultaneously inspiring, seductive, and heartbreaking.

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