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Balancing sweet and sexy, smart and sassy, Genevieve is an all-around entertainer, a charismatic and captivating talent who has been wowing audiences since taking the stage at 6 years old. She’s performed at the Kennedy Center and Dodger Stadium as well as in listening rooms and house concerts around the country (plus a few game reserves in South Africa for good measure). Even if you haven’t seen her perform, you’ve likely heard her voice and music in cartoons and ads as well as in film and TV. Showcasing an electric style that blends folk storyteller, jazz chanteuse, bluesy belter, and pop diva, she commands a stage with the voice of a fallen angel and a warmth, wit, and worldliness that endears her to audiences all over the world. Her emotionally charged songwriting has an authenticity that is equal parts heartbreaking, thought-provoking, inspirational, and beautiful. 

Don't be surprised if she steals your heart.  

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The Sum of All Things


Touching upon the highs and lows we face navigating our place in the world, with vocals that blend Brandi Carlile power with Dolly Parton bittersweet and Belle pureness, The Sum of All Things is timeless, simultaneously inspiring, seductive, and heartbreaking.

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