Re: Back to LA Genevieve is probably a relatively unknown name for most people, or at least for now. This young and versatile singer/songwriter has a very wide range of influences and is an absolute vocal talent. With her strong vocals and natural sound she connects to the listener on a very personal and comfortable level. With her debut, “Back To L.A.” she delivers an album that contains 12 very strong tracks that are sometimes intimate and sometimes energetic. Genevieve finds a good balance and a very high level that gives her the ability to rise high above the big field of good, average musicians. “Back To L.A.” is a solid album that shows this girl has a lot of talent and is not afraid to show it.  With “Back To L.A.” Genevieve shows she’s ready to break through to the bigger audiences and play shows all over the world. The unique vocal style and very strong songwriting are ingredients that make Genevieve one of the more promising acts I’ve come across in the past years. I strongly recommend you purchase this album and support Genevieve’s music so there will be much more for us to enjoy in the future. ”

— Inner Ear Media

Wow! What a powerful soulful voice and wide melodic range! Genevieve takes you on a wonderful ride with her mixture of up-tempo happy-sad songs, fun tunes and powerful ballads. Interesting arrangements like “The Spy” with its sexy violin and the rockin “Jim Beam” a’la Allman Brothers keep you groovin'. The soft spoken "Still Waters" will give you pause and make you think; and then there’s the heart wrenching "The Way You Need Me To". Wonderful diversity tied up neatly by stellar vocals and excellent production. Truly enjoyable.   ” - Lorie Doswell

— CDBaby

When you start a CD with a mellow song you need something extra to grasp the listener, and L.A.’s Genevieve has that. Her sweetly intense voice ensnares you and leads you into her world of piano-kissed melodies and lyrics emanating from life experiences. Genevieve bares her soul in amazing fashion.”

— Music Morsels

Re: this little thing called life Here’s a serene album by a woman with an amazingly beautiful voice...Using simplistic musical arrangements let her voice simply shine and be the focal point. This young woman brings a lot to the table and has a wide variety of stories to share with this album. A very nice, easy listening album many people will very much enjoy.” - Geoff Dellinger

— Entertainment World

Re: this little thing called life I’ll tell what can’t ever be called a “little thing”—Genevieve’s voice. Her voice is the cornerstone from which she builds off tremendous songwriting. The sound is a bit of contemporary pop mixed in with roots folk and piano ballads. Most singer/songwriters wish they had half this much talent. If she’s not signed to a major label deal with this demo, then I give up on the mainstream industry.  ” - J-Sin

— Smother Magazine

It seems I've gotten a lot of CDs lately that are AAA and, because the market for this style is so saturated, you have to have something to offer that makes you different from the rest. I think Genevieve has this. She does not sound like anyone else that I can think of. The style is similar to other artists, but her voice is pretty unique...and pretty, well, pretty. ” - Amy Lotsberg

— Collected Sounds

Re: this little thing called life Did not know what to expect when I picked up the album. She may be a singer-songwriter in the sense that she certainly can sing, and also writes all of her own material, but her voice certainly outshines most in the singer-songwriter category. Music is not overweighted with too many elements - it is clean and allows the lyrics to be showcased. One song that really stood out for me was "My Albatross", which made the hair on my neck stand up with its haunting arrangement (listen for the bell ringing in the background). "Don't Let It Go", "Baby, You Can Cry" and "I Left the Light On" are very strong in the singalong category. Overall, the music is strong, the lyrics are compelling, and the voice is terrific. I would highly recommend the album. ” - Matt Russell

— CDBaby

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Make-A-Wish Foundation Annual Holiday Benefit Show

River Rock Restaurant, 1600 Route 70, Brick

A holiday celebration to raise funds for the NJ chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, featuring some the Jersey Shore's favorite musical acts. Support a worthy cause and get in the holiday spirit!


The Folk Project MUUF Benefit Show

The Folk Project, 21 Normandy Heights Rd, Morristown

Join us for the holiday extravaganza to raise funds for the MUUF and celebrate the holiday season. The annual Folk Project holiday show to benefit MUUF is back! We’ll hold it at Troubadour on December 17, beginning with caroling at 7pm. We’ll feature holiday refreshments, decorations, and spirit, along with a slate of fine Project musicians and special guest performer Genevieve. As always, all proceeds will be donated to the Fellowship.

Proof of fully vaccinated status for COVID will be checked at the door. Note: At the present time, children under 5 are not eligible to be vaccinated against COVID. Consequently , we are not admitting children under 5 until that restriction is lifted. After that time, children under 5 will be admitted free when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

12.50 suggested donation


Pat Wictor, with Genevieve opening

Earth Room Concerts, 1475 W. Front Street, Lincroft

Pat Wictor first burst on the folk and acoustic scene as an innovative slide guitarist known for fresh and memorable interpretations of traditional and contemporary songs. Since then he has made his mark as a singer-songwriter penning lean and poetic songs that honor - and subvert - rural blues and gospel traditions. For seven years he toured as one third of Brother Sun, the powerful harmonizing trio with Joe Jencks and Greg Greenway, garnering critical acclaim, two #1 CDs on the Folk DJ charts, and a continent-spanning tour schedule. His most recent solo release, This is Absolutely Real: Visions and Versions of Phil Ochs, reached #2 on the Folk-DJ charts and was nominated for Best Tribute Album by the Independent Music Awards.

Imagine a grittier piano-playing Belle - full of curiosity, compassion, verve, wit, and intelligence, but also bearing battle scars from living life unapologetically and with intention. Like an old friend with a ready shoulder, reminding you you’re not alone in this world, Genevieve has a gift for true, deep connection. Her soulful voice, thoughtful lyrics, and catchy songs combine folk, pop, country, blues, and roots to create an adult contemporary aesthetic that moves your soul and touches your heart. Also an accomplished children’s book author and wildlife photographer, she weaves her colorful life stories into her shows, creating a uniquely compelling experience.

Show attendees must be fully COVID vaccinated, and must be masked while inside the building.